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Why I Love The Breakers

When we were stranded in Palm Beach, Florida because our flight was canceled this week, Kathryn and Bonnie (thank you!) at The Breakers saved us by giving us a fabulous room at a great media rate (because I wrote an article about The Breakers on a previous visit). It was a very nostalgic end to our Florida trip because The Breakers was Mike & my first trip together, so it’ll always have a special place in our heart. That, and because the whole experience is so impeccable each time, that we are constantly gushing over the incredible decor, perfect service, and gorgeous grounds and architecture.

I love everything Christmas: the music, the decor, the spirit. So I was super happy to see tons of it at The Breakers. Like the two massive Christmas trees in the lobby (which we did the obligatory photo in front of) and lots of accents all over the building.


When we got to our room, we found a nice little surprise: a gift box of yummy Dean & Deluca treats! Our room was in a totally different part of the hotel this time, and with totally different decor. The last time we were overlooking the ocean directly (the hotel is shaped like a U, and we were at the tip), with a balcony and airy green and white decor.

This time our room was on the top floor at the bottom of the U, and had a safari-feel, with grass-cloth wallpaper and a bamboo themed-bed. Speaking of the bed, the pillows, sheets and mattress that they use at The Breakers make up the single most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on. Both times we’ve stayed, I meant to ask what they did to make it sooooo comfy. I’ll circle back with that info soon. This is what our room looked like this time:


But what’s more is that our room was on the Club Level, which means we got a bunch of great perks, like a massive “living room” area with a big-screen TV and lots of sitting areas, a giant outdoor deck on the 6th floor, a pretty much constant gourmet food buffet (their  lobster rolls are soooo yummy!), organic tea and coffee, an open bar, your own concierge, etc. These pics are from the Club Level areas:


So if you’re staying on the Club Level, you pretty much don’t need to go out for dinner if you don’t feel like it — you can snack (and drink, for that matter) all day long, inside or outside or in your room, if you want. That said, we had heard so many great things about the new restaurant at The Breakers called HMF (“an ode to the classic Palm Beach dinner party”) that we had to try it.


The decor is comfy and retro, and it attracts a crowd from parties of 20-something fashionistas to 60-something old-money couples on double dates. The pretty waitresses (no male waiters, only female…) are dolled up with red lipstick and 50’s hair, but their short black dresses seemed more night-club-ish, with a shocking amount of cleavage. I personally think it’d be super cute if they wore more modest dresses in a cute retro color, maybe teal. But hey, I’m sure there are lots of men who’d disagree! Their primary fare is sushi, and we loved the Dragon Roll and HMF roll. They simply melt in your mouth. I also recommend the “flowery” sake, and the tapioca dessert – both super delicious. As Mike said, “If I lived down here, I’d eat here every day.”

What a perfect way to wrap up a perfect week.

Check out my full review of The Breakers in Urbanette Magazine (with more pics!)

Love, Hilary

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