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This will make you feel good

Ology MoisturizerI love love love the new line put out by Walgreens called OLOGY. They make “paper” products (like tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, copy paper, etc.) that work better, are softer and stronger than all others I’ve tried, and are made from sugar cane and bamboo instead of trees!!

Yes, that means that just by buying Ology instead of tree-killing paper products, you can stop feeling guilty and instead have a positive impact on the world and prevent the rainforest from being chopped down just so you can wipe your bum. Really! Now that’s exciting to me!

They also have an incredible moisturizer with sunscreen that’s super light and doesn’t need to be rubbed in to get rid of the white (you know what I’m talking about!), and all the Ology products are 100% free of toxic chemicals.

It’s good to see a big company trying to make positive change – but it’s up to us as consumers to tell them they’re doing the right thing, by buying their product.

FYI – They also make shampoo, household cleaners, etc. Check out the full line.

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