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7 More Useful Apps I Love

I’ve come across so many great apps lately, that I simply had to share:

springpad app

SpringPad – I use this to keep track of bookmarks (using their Chrome Extension), notes, shopping lists (shared with my hubby), work lists, contacts, and more.

MyShoebox – Free and easy unlimited photo backup, with cool ways to browse. I finally found a way to easily share all my photos (post hubby, that is), with my hubby.


Ink – Paper cards are still loved by many. And getting one of these would pretty much make your parents week. You know it. This is an easy way to send them something pretty, using pics from your phone.

Pocket – I use the Chrome Extension, and every time I see an article I want to read, I can click to save it for later. It allows you to add tags, and has a gorgeous interface on the web, Android, iPhone and tablet.

Aviary – My new favorite photo editing app. Can do pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted. Seriously.

Uber and BestParking – If you live in NYC, you’ll need these. Uber lets you hail a cab or towncar from your phone, and BestParking lets you find the cheapest places to park (I use both, and they’ve been 100% reliable).

Bite of Beauty – This is a new Android app for all you beauty product enthusiasts… a friend of mine is the creator, and I gotta say – it looks pretty slick!

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