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How to Have a Happy Marriage: 4 Quick Tips

Yes, I’m married. No, we won’t be getting divorced (ever).

I think it’s very important to really make an effort in marriage, and not take things for granted. Here are a few quick tips that I think are extremely important:
  • Both of us should try to do more than the other person, and be fine with it. Since I put as much effort into the relationship as I can, and always keep his happiness in mind, Mike has even more reason to love our marriage — and vice versa (and he does!)
  • Don’t cause an argument over things that really don’t matter. Learn to pause/stop/listen when emotions take over.
  • When fighting, don’t use the word YOU… try to use the word I instead. It makes it easier for me to express feelings and harder to make my hubby feel attacked.
  • Make an effort to keep things fresh: Dress up when going out… Find fun activities to do together… Make sexy surprises.
More tips to come, as I learn them 🙂
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