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Thanksgiving in Canada

There’s something very comforting about going home for the holidays to the house, and town, you grew up in. The fact that everything still looks basically the same (or better) gives one a warming sense of stability.

I’d like to share my home with you, or rather, the home I grew up in. My mother was the architect and general contractor (so impressive since she’s definitely neither by trade), and my parents put this house together, brick by tile, as I was growing up.

Outside of Welcome, down several winding roads lined by trees and fields with cattle grazing, you’ll find a black mailbox marked Rowland. As you turn down the driveway, you’ll make several turns before you begin to see our blue house through the trees. As you come around another corner, you’ll see this:


One of my favorite things to do while home is to feed the many animals that have become tame due to my mother diligently feeding them peanuts and organic dog food:


The pictures below are (left to right) photos my mom took as a rock and roll photographer in the 70’s, now on the sitting room wall; the floral oil painting (my mom’s first), which she painted at age 14 (seriously!); a sculpture next to the front door made by a local Port Hope artist.

port hope

When I was a teenager, I went to Tokyo and Taipei to model… this shot (below, top) was from my first shoot… It didn’t even look like me! I was on the cover and on the inside of a wedding magazine — at age 16. I saved a couple of soda bottles from my trip (the one on the left is Coca Cola!) The collage is something I made as a teenager. I used to love making collages from old magazines.

hilary rowland

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me!  Love, Hilary

What did you like to do as a teenager? What’s your favorite part of going home for the holidays?

Linda Collie
Linda Collie

Larchwood is truly a great artist country haven!!!

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