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Got Pets? You’ll Want to Read This.

Adopting my cats was, next to marrying Mike, the single action that has brought me the most happiness through my life. However, if you live in NYC and have pets, then you know that vet bills can be craaaazzzzyyyy expensive. Like, nutty expensive. Think $1000 to have teeth cleaned, $5,000 to $10,000 to have bladder stones removed, and hundreds for a general “wellness” yearly checkup. Yikes!

Well, I did my exhaustive research and found out how to avoid this. But first, some important stuff you should know…


Our adorable rescue cats: Dinah (from Alice and Wonderland) & Oscar (from Oscar: Cat-About-Town)

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How to Avoid Letting Someone Steal Your Identity

I just got yet another pre-approved credit card letter in the mail, which is super annoying because each time one is mailed out it puts me at risk for identity theft.

What happens is identity theives steal these letters. (This is super common and I don’t know why it’s still legal for credit companies like Equifax, Transunion, etc. to sell our credit information. Oh wait. Greed. Yeah, that’s it.)

The identity thieves then reply and accept the offer (with a change of address) and then rack up tons of debt on cards in your name, tied to your credit union file. It takes an average of a year to get your credit fixed, if ever. Yeah, a year!

Here’s how you can avoid it: Read more

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