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Relais & Chateaux

The Mayflower: Heaven is only 90 min from NYC

This past weekend my hubby and I were invited to stay at The Mayflower Inn & Spa for a few nights. I was super excited, of course, because I’d heard from several people that it’s one of the best hotels in the country. What I didn’t expect is that the spa would be world-class as well.

The moment we arrived and stepped into the overwhelmingly luxurious lobby, with several cozy sitting rooms to our right and left, we realized that this hotel is one of those where it has to be seen to be believed. No website, video or photos could ever do the property justice, because the luxury of the Mayflower is not only in the details, but in the ambiance.

We decided that it’d be fun to stay in two different rooms (both in the Allerton building, next to the spa), in an effort to trick our minds into thinking our stay was a bit longer (I’d live at the Mayflower if I could!) Here are some photos:

Mayflower Inn, CT suite

The hotel’s decor can be summed up in two words: Glamorous Luxury. Embroidered silks everywhere, Frette everything, heated bathroom floors… you get the picture. We basically wanted to lock ourselves in the room for our entire stay (and we almost did – ordering room service twice and watching more movies than I’d like to admit) Read more

Weekend Getaway in Vermont

I woke up this morning wishing I was still at the Windham Hill Inn. We spent the past weekend at this charming Vermont B&B, and felt as if we were a thousand miles from home.

Me being a little camera-happy, and Mike looking very comfy...

Me being a little camera-happy, and Mike looking very comfy…

Luckily, a reader suggested I start doing videos, and I took his advice, so I can re-live the Windham Hill Inn experience a little bit. Let me know what you think of my first video, and if you have suggestions for me:

Me, about 10 minutes after waking / rolling out of bed and heading straight to breakfast.

Me, about 10 minutes after waking / rolling out of bed and heading straight to breakfast.

Incredible food = Mikey happy :-)

Incredible food = Mikey happy :-)


It was very foggy our first day there. The views were breathtaking.


There is something so nice about getting out of the city and heading into nature. I think it’s easy to lose your connection to what’s “real” if you spend too much time in Manhattan, or any city for that matter. Central Park is wonderful, and one of my favorite places on earth, but there’s nothing quite like packing up the car and driving off for some northern exposure. The air is cleaner, the people are nicer, and all the troubles of the world seem to drift away. I can’t wait for the snow to arrive, so we can head back up for a ski trip with some of our close friends. It’s a great way to bond together. A full day on the mountain, followed by apres ski until everyone passes out. Vermont is officially on my “favorites” list, and I highly recommend you make plans to visit over the winter. It’ll make the brutal cold weather during the next few months something to look forward to…

Read more

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