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Need a Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Here’s One I Love

I’ve already sent this gift to three family members who are not very tecchie. It’s kind of the perfect gift – easy to use, fun, under $100 and something they’ll likely use daily (I do!), so it’ll be a regular reminder of how much you care about them. If they already have a smart TV, like me, they’ll still find it useful. Here’s why:

As I found out the expensive way, Smart TVs are very limited in what apps you can use, and their visual interface is far less evolved. A better option is to get this tiny $88 Roku box which turns any TV into a “super” Smart TV and gives you every app you ever wanted, plus a ton of other fun perks.


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This will make you feel good

Ology MoisturizerI love love love the new line put out by Walgreens called OLOGY. They make “paper” products (like tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, copy paper, etc.) that work better, are softer and stronger than all others I’ve tried, and are made from sugar cane and bamboo instead of trees!!

Yes, that means that just by buying Ology instead of tree-killing paper products, you can stop feeling guilty and instead have a positive impact on the world and prevent the rainforest from being chopped down just so you can wipe your bum. Really! Now that’s exciting to me!

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