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Cancun: Vegas on the Beach

The first thing that struck me about what we know as “Cancun” is that there are about a hundred thousand foreign tourists here. It reminds me of the Vegas strip in that it’s comprised of one long 16 kilometer road with mega-hotel after mega-hotel lining the beach. And I mean M-E-G-A. Like, absolutely massive. 800 to 1000 rooms massive. If that’s hard to picture, one of these hotels would take up at least twenty city blocks in NYC. Based on the acres, I figured out that our resort would take up about sixty New York city blocks. No, really.


There’s the airport, then there’s one big highway, and nothing anywhere but huge hotels and luxury shopping malls. If you go in a big circle around the “Hotel Zone”, you’ll pass exactly ninety-eight hotels (yeah, 98), any of which make the MGM Grand or Bellagio in Vegas look small. And that’s not including all the other mega-hotels on the way to Tulum (the other way down that highway I mentioned). Read more

Welcome to Mexico! (or… not so much)

We touched down in Mexico at 5:30pm on Saturday, reasonably (or so we thought) expecting to be at our hotel within the hour, since it’s only a short 15 minute drive away. Three and a half hours later we were still at the airport.


Let’s start with this: Cancun in high-season is a mad house. Crazy packed. Tons and tons of tourists everywhere you look. Like Vegas on the beach.

Getting off the plane was an hour-long challenge, and once we were finally off the plane, trying to get out of the airport felt like trying to get into Walmart… on Black Friday. Mobs of confused and hurried tourists trying to reach the mega-busses that aimed to take them to The Strip: ie. the narrow slip of land that houses about 80 Vegas-style mega-hotels. This is the first time in my life (aside from Disney World and Vegas) that I’ve gotten to experience this sort of hotel and scene.

Read more

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