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Will You be Part of History?

Last night I went to a great event at the Harvard Club in midtown. Everyone was decked out, including the two drag queens in attendance (they were rocking killer heels!). I love going to gay events, everyone is so nice, and so well dressed! Edie Windsor was the guest of honor. If you don’t know who she is, you should really find out. Basically, she’s the Martin Luther King Jr. of our time, making huge changes for the equal rights movement.

Edie Windsor and Hilary Rowland

We had a chance to listen to Edie’s personal  history, and whats changed since the momentous marriage equality victory. Most of us in the crowd had a hard time not tearing up when Edie spoke of her wife (who had passed away four years ago) and the love they shared. SO sweet!

I was lucky enough to speak with Edie, and for a woman in her eighties, she has remarkable presence. And so much energy! Read more

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