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An Incredible Guerrilla Beautification Story

color-protests_FotorIstanbul, Turkey is known as the city of seven hills. It has dozens of public stairways that connect centuries-old neighborhoods, giving pedestrians a way to the avoid heavy car traffic on the streets.

In Cihangir, a liberal neighborhood frequented by artists, a man decided to liven up the dull and depressing gray stairways, and it sparked a movement that nobody could have foreseen.

Until then, the walkways attract little notice, but a couple of months ago a retired forestry engineer named Huseyin Cetinel (age 64, see pic) decided to spend $800 and four days (with the help of his son-in-law) to paint the stairs connecting Findikli to Cihangir all the colors of the rainbow. He said he wanted “to make people smile”. The staircase ended up looking like a really, really long LGBT flag, and visitors started flocking to them to have their picture taken on the stairs.

Unfortunately (actually — scratch that — *fortunately*), some government idiot Read more

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