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7 More Useful Apps I Love

I’ve come across so many great apps lately, that I simply had to share:

springpad app

SpringPad – I use this to keep track of bookmarks (using their Chrome Extension), notes, shopping lists (shared with my hubby), work lists, contacts, and more.

MyShoebox – Free and easy unlimited photo backup, with cool ways to browse. I finally found a way to easily share all my photos (post hubby, that is), with my hubby.


Ink – Paper cards are still loved by many. And getting one of these would pretty much make your parents week. You know it. This is an easy way to send them something pretty, using pics from your phone.

Pocket – I use the Chrome Extension, and every time I see an article I want to read, I can click to save it for later. It allows you to add tags, and has a gorgeous interface on the web, Android, iPhone and tablet.

Aviary – My new favorite photo editing app. Can do pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted. Seriously. Read more

5 Free Apps I Love

As my friends know, I’m a huge geek when it comes to apps. I use tons of them, and I’m always on the hunt for the next cool thing. Another favorite pass-time is passing on good information, so here goes:

duolingo1)  Duolingo is a game that will teach you a new language in a really easy-to-learn way, right from your Android, iPhone or tablet. It’s proven to be more effective than learning a language at any college, and it’s free.


2)  Next Issue is basically *all* the mainstream magazines in one place (about 100 titles), plus article interactivity, plus a about 20 back-issues of each title. I cancelled all my paper magazine subscriptions and subscribed to Next Issue instead. Digital magazines are much more fun to look at and interact with, and save paper/rainforest/animals habitats/pollution/etc.  Read more

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