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Old Honeymoon Pics

I was poking around on my laptop (while watching my dad make Thanksgiving dinner at home in Canada), and I came across some pictures from our honeymoon that I’d forgotten to transfer to my main computer. It was a bit like finding hidden treasure.

There were a few great shots that I dusted off with the help of a great free app called Fotor (which I have on my laptop and phone). They made me so nostalgic that I’m now in the process of finding more vacation spots for my hubby and I to visit. We’re partial to ranch-style accommodations, or hotels with separate villas, and so we started our honeymoon at an incredible ranch in New Mexico, called Hidden Meadow, which unfortunately just went private (so sad, because I really wanted to go back every year!) Here we are riding horses, looking completely dorky, of course:

riding honeymoon

…and this is us hanging in the wilderness:


After Hidden Meadow, we moved from the wilderness to the desert, and checked in to to The Boulders, which is near Scottsdale in Arizona. They have great villa-type accommodations with fireplaces. This is us in front of their main doors, on the day we left:


Where should we go next? Where did you go on your honeymoon?

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