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Lessons Learned

Hilary Rowland

Hilary Rowland with possibly the best advice-giver on the planet.

  • In times of great and heady success, you are most vulnerable to failure… Stay humble and work even harder.
  • You don’t accomplish great things without audacity… You always have a choice between thinking big and thinking small… Why bother thinking small?
  • Despair and despondency are your greatest enemies and must be fought with dogged determination… Don’t get down on yourself.
  • Once you truly believe that what you’re in is a great life adventure, setbacks are more easily handled…
  • Have the intellectual flexibility to know when your business plan isn’t working, and be able to pivot thereby…
  • Don’t give up on a good idea… Sometimes the world takes some time to get around to you.
  • Never, never, never stop marketing.
  • Never, never, never give up.
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