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Is that Matthew McConaughey?

I went to see the new movie “Dallas Buyers Club” on Friday night, and man was I impressed! This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Knockout cast, amazing (& true!) story, and emotionally riveting. We decided to go to the movies because of the great review it got in Rolling Stone magazine (I always rely on them for music and movie suggestions). Normally, we like to stay home and watch movies on Hulu or Netflix (that Roku was soooo worth it), but the reviews told me I had to see it right away. And boy was I right!

McConaughey Before/After

At first, you can hardly believe it’s Matthew McConaughey (he dropped almost 40 pounds for this role). And Jared Leto is amazing too, playing a drag queen that McConaughey’s character meets in the hospital. I won’t tell you anything more about the movie, just go see it! I think it’s really important to support movies like this. It helps to shed light on an issue that still persists in our society, and helps you appreciate how lucky you are to be healthy. The more movies “like this” become successful in the box office, the more Hollywood studios will want to invest in them.


Yep, that’s Jared Leto…

It must have been so hard to lose all that weight. As we all know from his gratuitous shirtless pics, he was already in great shape. He must have been living on prune juice and cigarettes! (…that’s a nasty thought, LOL) Actors have to put themselves through so much, I can only imagine the impact has on their health. Jared Leto apparently was in drag for the entire production, even showing up to the set dressed like a woman. That must have been interesting for his girlfriend. Can you picture him asking his gf to “help me with my mascara” in the morning!? I’m sure he has a greater appreciation for what it’s like for woman who get dolled up every day.

I’m also really impressed with their willingness to play roles this edgy. It’s easy for an actor (particularly successful ones) to stay in their comfort zone, and not push their boundaries. Both Leto and McConaughey go way beyond the norm in this amazing flick, and we’re all better off because of it!

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