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Is it unethical to watch (and therefore support) football?

So here’s the reality of the situation with football:

Besides the fact that kids in college often don’t feel like they have much of a choice regarding whether they play or not, for a long time the industry had/has been trying to hide the facts about the severe brain damage playing football often causes.


The NCAA makes almost a billion dollars in profit annually off the backs of these kids (while the kids unwittingly deteriorate their brains and shorten their lives) and yet they selfishly don’t allow the kids to get paid at all – they can’t even sell their jerseys to help pay for school.

Not to mention that when the kids get injured, the coaches push them back out on the field knowing that it’s going to cause permanent life-long damage. Oh yeah, then the kids are on their own with their medical bills/deductibles. (More reading about that.)

Further, now the NFL is testing on animals by crushing their heads in futile and 100% useless experiments to somehow relate that to human brain injuries.
I can’t see any ethical alternative than to boycott football…. can you? Would you?

Bruce Pellman
Bruce Pellman

I've enjoyed watching football before you could watch it as games were blacked out for many years. It has become less watchable for many reasons and your points are well documented. It's too bad as I used to really love it.

Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens

Like most guys I grew up watching football, and even played through high school. Articles like this help reinforce the fact that football has a lot of flaws, and I'm finding myself watching it less and less...

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