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Interesting Revelations About Entrepreneurs and Smart People

I’ve always been a serial entrepreneur. Ever since I was 15 and started my two first dot com startups. Not only that, but I always have several other business ideas I’m working on. Part of me wondered if the fact that I’m interested in so many things and have so many ideas has held me back. I mean, wouldn’t it be simpler and more efficient to focus on one thing at a time?

Well, apparently not. Funders and Founders (a great info-blog) analyzed all 1,426 billionaires in the world. From there, they segmented out the 960 that are self made and determined that 830 of them earned their wealth from more than one business (see the cool infographic below).

Also, according to separate study, I just learned that people with high IQs tend to set goals and read avidly (does online news count?), they lost their virginity later (ermm, yup), and think about thinking (ie. philosophy major – check and check). I must say, I’m happy to learn that I’m only freaky in a good way…



Heather Riccio
Heather Riccio

I love this! I believe in trying a million things. You never know what will stick and apparently that's the right mindset to have! :)

Sarah Woodstock
Sarah Woodstock

Incredible - how can one person do so many things? You're so lucky to know Mr Branson - he's such an inspiring (and sexy) guy!

Rebecca Ariane Givens
Rebecca Ariane Givens

If there's one thing you definitely are, it's self-disciplined! :-) I always knew it was only a matter of time until you make it to self-made billionaire status, Hilary. ;)

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