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How to Improve (or Create) Your Website for Free

I was browsing the web looking for cat rescue charities to donate to for my dad’s birthday (we have a tradition of making donations instead of buying gifts), and I noticed that most charity or animal shelter websites were –sorry to say– pretty ugly. On top of it, they didn’t have a proper store set up, or social media share buttons.

So I decided to email one to help them out. I told them about the free website builders that are out there, and how they can make a new website quickly and easily (no, really!), which would look much more slick than the site they have now.

Then I thought? Why not give this advice to everyone??

Here are some of the website self-build services I’ve found. You’ll have to do your own comparison (let me know what you find…), but they all allow you to do the entire design with no programming or design programs involved. Just drag and drop.

YolaJigsy or MoonFruit – You could make an online store for $10/month or less using either of these.

ZoHo – This one is free for unlimited pages, or you can have six separate sites for just $40 per year. So cheap!

Weebly – I’ve actually tried this one. I made my mother-in-law’s maid service website using it. They have great templates and are easy to use. eCommerce is $25 a month, but a site with your own domain is only $4/month (or free, without your own domain).

Webydo (see video above) – This one is for people who have a bit more patience and want 100% control over the design. Building a site is entirely free (perfect for designers to send previews to clients); for $7.90 a month, you can add a custom domain and up the number of pages from 15 to unlimited.

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