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Holiday / Christmas Tips & Ideas

The season of snowmen and mistletoe is finally here and as you can guess, I am super excited because this year it’s extra special. For one thing, Mike and I are going to Mexico for a week right after Christmas. Mike’s friend Parker gave us a week vacation as a wedding gift (like, WOW. Thank you!!!) I’ve spent Christmas in warm climates before and, to me, it loses something. Maybe because I grew up in Canada, and am used to snowy Christmas’, I really need the snow to feel like I’m truly experiencing the holiday. That’s why I’m glad we’re leaving on the 28th. (More to come about that, of course!)


Yesterday we went for a walk on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. I think if you lined up all the expensive shops in the Hamptons, it still wouldn’t come close to the number of high-end stores on this one street. It’s pretty decadent, and a super fun place to window shop. We didn’t buy anything (I prefer eBay, anyway!), but I did get to take some photos of a newly married couple in front of an enormous Christmas tree.

While I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been making a mental note of things that need to get done, shopping, party ideas to finalizing dinner recipes. I have been scouring the the net for holiday tips and tricks and have found some very delicious vegan Christmas recipes and geeky party themes like ‘Ugly Sweater Party’ (which we may do!)  Sometimes it feels as though there’s a LOT to keep track of.

Below I have listed some low-maintenance tips that seem like they’d be worth a try:

#1. This one’s a no brainer but here it goes anyway, the most important tip of all — stop procrastinating! Start organizing now to avoid high shipping costs and the last-minute stress of holiday cooking and decorating  by making a list and ordering as much as you can in advance. Plan your Christmas dinner menu in advance and clear out your fridge to make room for holiday ingredients.

#2. We all have our favourite holiday flicks, from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to ‘A Christmas Story’. Why not entertain family and friends this Christmas with a holiday movie marathon? Just make sure to keep the list to a maximum of three to avoid merry movie overdose. You could even have people vote on which movies they’d like to see. If watching hours of movies is downright boring for your guests, you could spice things up with a drinking game…. Like every time a character appears in Santa costume or says ‘Christmas spirit’, take a shot.

#3. No Christmas is complete without the cherished custom, a beautiful Christmas tree. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh pine trees, right? You can make your Christmas tree last longer and smell piney by adding a capful of Pine Sol to the water each week. Or better yet, you can rent a live tree! Alternatively, a wrought iron tree is both creative and beautiful option for decorating with your fav Christmas ornaments, if you happen to travel too often and simply don’t have the time for getting a real one.

#4. Buy gifts early to avoid expedited shipping costs and a lack of selection. I started making a list in a Luvocracy board, which you could do too 🙂

I’ll post more tips as I come across them. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!! Love, Hilary

What are your favourite Christmas tips?

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