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Great Christmas Gifts

So, my hubby is in bed right now. He’s not feeling well, but he’s been munching Echinacea, Vit C, Zinc and Oscillococcinum (why on earth did they name it that??), so hopefully he’ll feel better soon. Later today we’ll be driving to Vermont for a romantic weekend away at a fab Relais & Chateaux property (more to come on that tomorrow). I guess I should be packing, but instead I’m using this time to scout for Christmas gifts online.


He reads this blog (obvi) so I can’t tell you exactly what I got him (yet). But last night we went to Fashion for Action (a charity fundraiser and shopping event for Housing Works, a charity my hubby is on the board of) and I spent the whole time going through the men’s clothing and pulling items for him. I figure I have more than enough clothing, but he really needed some stuff, like a velvet blazer (every man should have one), some shirts for going out at night, and a slick, nighttime black blazer. Well, we found all that plus this amazingly thin gray suit that’s just gorgeous. I also picked up a few boxes of sexy undies (for him, but really for me).

If you’re doing some shopping, I have a couple of great suggestions… They’re uber-luxury and ON SALE! Click the pic to go to check out the details:



Do you have any suggestions for great Christmas gifts?

Christine Collie Rowland
Christine Collie Rowland

Sounds like quite the shopping evening! Not the eBay bargain shopping you usually do, but I assume a percentage of the sales go to the Housing Works charity which is a good cause.

Lovsong Vandak
Lovsong Vandak

I love a Goooood Chai Tea with lots of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, pinch of cardammom, and Star Anise. I'll try back later.

Hilary Rowland
Hilary Rowland

If you could also post your suggestions in the blog post, that'd be awesome - thanks!! :)

Lovsong Vandak
Lovsong Vandak

Poker chips ! Maybe Ginger tea for sick hubby. Vermont should be beautiful this time of year, have a great and safe trip :)

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