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Fostering Cats and Dogs to Save a Life

This past weekend Mike and I volunteered to help The Animal Project. They trap stray cats/kittens and get them the medical attention they need, then they try to find them a home. They put cats and kittens up for adoption every Saturday from 2pm to 6pm at the PetCo on 92nd and Broadway. These kitties need love, so stop by and play with them!

This is a gorgeous kitty who’s about 5 months old, waiting for someone to come and love her:


If you have space in a room of your home, it would help save lives if you would take one or two cats in until they can find a home. The Animal Project has maxed out the space they have (part of which is in an unfinished, windowless basement – so your home would be a very welcome change to the kitties) to keep the cats until Saturdays when they set up an adoption center at the 92nd and Broadway PetCo store.

Here is their Facebook page: and their website is

Would you consider fostering a cat or dog?

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