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Organic Wine & Liquors I Love

I used to get bad hangovers. I mean BAD. Like, really really bad. And I’m not talking from five glasses. I can get plenty hungover from two.

I thought I’d have to stop drinking wine. I figured I must be allergic or something, but either way it was definitely not worth it. Then I discovered organic wine. Now, I don’t exactly push it… a couple of glasses is more than enough for me, but let’s just say that even if I have a few, I don’t get hung over. Not even a little.

Which makes me wonder… what’s in the non-organic wines?? Well, that’s another subject — but it’s not good. Lots of toxic chemicals, to start.

There are some great organic wineries in the USA, and many NYC restaurants now carry organic wines (and if you’re in one that doesn’t, make sure to suggest it). Some great ones to try:


Above: This is the one we had at our wedding (Meinklang Biodynamic Pinot Noir Rose from Austria). It’s super  delicious! At right: Brenne (my favorite single malt whiskey), Kilchoman and 77 Whiskey (made in Brooklyn) — all organic and yummy.

Want to visit some organic wineries? Try these:

Badger Mountain Vineyard, Kennewick, Washington
The state’s first certified-organic winery offers two labels: Badger Mountain N.S.A. (no sulfites added) and Vintner’s Estate Series (certified-organic grapes). Sample both of them in the partially solar-powered tasting room.

Good Neighbor Organic Vineyard And Winery, Northport, Michigan
An organic orchard since 2001, Good Neighbor started making white wines and hard ciders in 2007.

Four Chimneys Organic Winery, Himrod, New York
Four Chimneys specializes in organic and biodynamic fruit wines — like Au Pear, made with Bartlett pears and Aurora grapes. Sip in a restored dairy barn with a view of Seneca Lake.

King Estate, Eugene, Oregon
Instead of machinery, sheep help prune more than a thousand acres of certified-organic grapevines, and raptors, not chemicals, take care of rodents and other pests. The vineyard also serves meals made with produce grown on-site.

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