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Country Versus New York City Living

Two days ago I packed a bag, got on a Porter* flight, and flew into Toronto, Canada, to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I actually grew up a couple of hours outside of Toronto, on Lake Ontario, about 20 minutes from a little town called Port Hope. Actually, the “town” closest to where I grew up is called “Welcome” (no, really!) and has exactly one stoplight and one store (well, in keeping with full disclosure, it’s really just a gas station with some candy bars and pop – yes, that means soda in Canada-speak).


So here I am, back in farm-country Canada, in my old room where I grew up. The weirdest feeling is not being with my hubby, Mike. I really miss him. He’s in San Francisco hanging with his college buddies, hiking and doing guy stuff. The hardest part is night time, when I’m used to cuddling with him, like a pretzel all night. We joke that it’s our crack (but not the whack kind).

I don’t think I could live full-time in the country, but I absolutely love being in nature… in one-or-two-week stretches. The thing is, once you get used to New York City’s craziness, like being able to go for a half-hour walk and seeing ten new restaurants you want to check out, a drunk girl squatting to pee (or worse – seen it!) on the sidewalk, and rats touching hands and rubbing noses (yes, seen that too!), it’s hard to switch to seeing the same thing every day.

New York City’s contagious energy and unlimited conveniences essentially ruin you for regular life elsewhere. Once you get used to ordering chocolate chip pancakes at eleven at night, you really can’t go back (trust me).

*Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline that used to be even better than Jet Blue. Their flight attendants wear 50’s style uniforms (complete with the little hats and scarves!), and they have first-class style waiting rooms with pop, snacks and cushy chairs. The planes fly into a little island a five minute ferry ride from the core of downtown Toronto. They seem to have been slipping lately though, and at the same time adding all sorts of sneaky fees, like $20 to select your (non-premium) seat ahead of time and $25 to check a bag. 


Rebecca Ariane Givens
Rebecca Ariane Givens

I hear you! I can't live without my bf either LOL (Don't tell him I said that!) I often miss Canada.... gonna go back to Ottawa soon. Taking Air Canada ;-)

Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens

Awww dude! I used to love Porter! So lame! Guess I'll be taking Air Canada from now on....

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