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What to Pack

Need a Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Here’s One I Love

I’ve already sent this gift to three family members who are not very tecchie. It’s kind of the perfect gift – easy to use, fun, under $100 and something they’ll likely use daily (I do!), so it’ll be a regular reminder of how much you care about them. If they already have a smart TV, like me, they’ll still find it useful. Here’s why:

As I found out the expensive way, Smart TVs are very limited in what apps you can use, and their visual interface is far less evolved. A better option is to get this tiny $88 Roku box which turns any TV into a “super” Smart TV and gives you every app you ever wanted, plus a ton of other fun perks.


Read more

Great Christmas Gifts

So, my hubby is in bed right now. He’s not feeling well, but he’s been munching Echinacea, Vit C, Zinc and Oscillococcinum (why on earth did they name it that??), so hopefully he’ll feel better soon. Later today we’ll be driving to Vermont for a romantic weekend away at a fab Relais & Chateaux property (more to come on that tomorrow). I guess I should be packing, but instead I’m using this time to scout for Christmas gifts online.


He reads this blog (obvi) so I can’t tell you exactly what I got him (yet). But last night Read more

Your New Secret to Majorly Discounted Shopping

A few days ago, I went to a Gilt event, where Zac Posen had designed a car (apparently, silver is the new cool color for cars). I was standing near him and the pro photographer (Sean Smith) asked if he could take a photo of us together. I said “No way”, of course — JK! Anyhow, Zac and I chatted for a few minutes (he seemed very down to earth and approachable) before the orchestrators at Gilt decided to open the proverbial barn doors and let everyone stampede into the sale area.

hilary rowland with zac posen

Now, you’d expect a Gilt sale to be super amazing, right? I’d imagined racks of designer clothing, in perfect shape, at rock-bottom prices. But no, actually. Read more

5 Free Apps I Love

As my friends know, I’m a huge geek when it comes to apps. I use tons of them, and I’m always on the hunt for the next cool thing. Another favorite pass-time is passing on good information, so here goes:

duolingo1)  Duolingo is a game that will teach you a new language in a really easy-to-learn way, right from your Android, iPhone or tablet. It’s proven to be more effective than learning a language at any college, and it’s free.


2)  Next Issue is basically *all* the mainstream magazines in one place (about 100 titles), plus article interactivity, plus a about 20 back-issues of each title. I cancelled all my paper magazine subscriptions and subscribed to Next Issue instead. Digital magazines are much more fun to look at and interact with, and save paper/rainforest/animals habitats/pollution/etc.  Read more

I Luvocracy my Retail Therapy

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict. I love using it to catalog pretty things. The only downside is that when I see things I actually NEED (ok, maybe not need, but definitely really really want, which is kind of the same thing anyway, right?), there’s often no way to buy them.

That’s why I was psyched that Luvocracy asked me to be a “tastemaker”*. Luvocracy is a new site that is basically like Pinterest, except everything you see you can buy straight from the site — no more being re-directed to other sites! Oh, and they’ll automatically search for the lowest price on the web for you! If you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days. I also noticed that they can get their hands on hard-to-find products that I couldn’t even find in-store, like a really cool ombre H&M shirt I absolutely “need”. Read more

Organic Wine & Liquors I Love

I used to get bad hangovers. I mean BAD. Like, really really bad. And I’m not talking from five glasses. I can get plenty hungover from two.

I thought I’d have to stop drinking wine. I figured I must be allergic or something, but either way it was definitely not worth it. Then I discovered organic wine. Now, I don’t exactly push it… a couple of glasses is more than enough for me, but let’s just say that even if I have a few, I don’t get hung over. Not even a little.

Which makes me wonder… what’s in the non-organic wines?? Well, that’s another subject — but it’s not good. Lots of toxic chemicals, to start.

There are some great organic wineries in the USA, and many NYC restaurants now carry organic wines (and if you’re in one that doesn’t, make sure to suggest it). Some great ones to try: Read more

This will make you feel good

Ology MoisturizerI love love love the new line put out by Walgreens called OLOGY. They make “paper” products (like tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, copy paper, etc.) that work better, are softer and stronger than all others I’ve tried, and are made from sugar cane and bamboo instead of trees!!

Yes, that means that just by buying Ology instead of tree-killing paper products, you can stop feeling guilty and instead have a positive impact on the world and prevent the rainforest from being chopped down just so you can wipe your bum. Really! Now that’s exciting to me!

They also have an incredible Read more

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