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How to Improve (or Create) Your Website for Free

I was browsing the web looking for cat rescue charities to donate to for my dad’s birthday (we have a tradition of making donations instead of buying gifts), and I noticed that most charity or animal shelter websites were –sorry to say– pretty ugly. On top of it, they didn’t have a proper store set up, or social media share buttons.

So I decided to email one to help them out. I told them about the free website builders that are out there, and how they can make a new website quickly and easily (no, really!), which would look much more slick than the site they have now.

Then I thought? Why not give this advice to everyone??

Here are some of the website self-build services I’ve found. Read more

Airlines: from Awesome to Awful (& a few travel tips)

As I write this, I’m crammed into a tiny economy seat on a sold-out American Airlines flight because yesterday’s flight got cancelled. As many frequent travelers know, and I’ve certainly been reminded over the years, there are huge differences between airlines, first class cabins, and airplanes. Below are my preferences and tips, based on my experiences so far:

airlines travel tips

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Holiday / Christmas Tips & Ideas

The season of snowmen and mistletoe is finally here and as you can guess, I am super excited because this year it’s extra special. For one thing, Mike and I are going to Mexico for a week right after Christmas. Mike’s friend Parker gave us a week vacation as a wedding gift (like, WOW. Thank you!!!) I’ve spent Christmas in warm climates before and, to me, it loses something. Maybe because I grew up in Canada, and am used to snowy Christmas’, I really need the snow to feel like I’m truly experiencing the holiday. That’s why I’m glad we’re leaving on the 28th. (More to come about that, of course!)


Yesterday we went for a walk on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. I think if you lined up all the expensive shops in the Hamptons, it still wouldn’t come close to the number of high-end stores on this one street. It’s pretty decadent, and a super fun place to window shop. We didn’t buy anything (I prefer eBay, anyway!), but I did get to take some photos of a newly married couple in front of an enormous Christmas tree.

While I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been making a mental note of things that need to get done, shopping, party ideas to finalizing dinner recipes. I have been scouring the the net for holiday tips and tricks and have found some Read more

How to Overcome Haters

Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that, if you stand out in some way, having haters is inevitable. There are people out there who approach others with love and benefit of the doubt, and there are people out there who snap to judge, like to put people in boxes, and have very little empathy. That’s just how the world is. If you don’t fit in, there are people out there who will notice and decide they hate you without even giving you a chance — without even having met you.

Years ago, a slimy online tabloid wrote some stuff about me that wasn’t based on reality. In fact, the three writers were all based in San Francisco and had never met me, nor had they talked to any of my friends. They still found me fair game to write about, and since they didn’t know me from Adam, and didn’t have any actual context, they made stuff up, including supposed encounters, which I know for a fact I never had. For example, they said that I was at a cocktail party and kept talking about my career, starting from the beginning each time someone new came into the group I was fictitiously talking to.

Now, if they’d ever met me or talked to any of my friends, they’d know that Read more

Migraines really suck.

Ouch! I had the worst migraine ever yesterday. This is something I’ve been dealing with since I was a little girl. I remember I had a really bad one when I was seven years old; I was in the back of my parents car, and I was puking in the backseat as we drove down the highway. Not fun! My poor mom was seriously freaked out, so we pulled over to the nearest pharmacy, where she bought out half the store in search for anything that would help make the pain go away. Unfortunately, none of it really helped. Once you get a migraine, there isn’t much you can do. It’s kinda like when you get a cold. You can only help by catching it in the first hour or two. After that, it’s down the rabbit hole… Read more

Got Pets? You’ll Want to Read This.

Adopting my cats was, next to marrying Mike, the single action that has brought me the most happiness through my life. However, if you live in NYC and have pets, then you know that vet bills can be craaaazzzzyyyy expensive. Like, nutty expensive. Think $1000 to have teeth cleaned, $5,000 to $10,000 to have bladder stones removed, and hundreds for a general “wellness” yearly checkup. Yikes!

Well, I did my exhaustive research and found out how to avoid this. But first, some important stuff you should know…


Our adorable rescue cats: Dinah (from Alice and Wonderland) & Oscar (from Oscar: Cat-About-Town)

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5 Steps to Finding Lasting Love in NYC (& Why It’s Been Hard)

I was at a cocktail party on Friday evening with my friend Andrea Syrtash (the real-life Carrie Bradshaw), and had a conversation that echoed what I have discussed with so many friends living in lower Manhattan. The topic: Why it’s hard to find love while living in downtown New York City.

Models getting ready for a video shoot on a New York street

Read more

Your New Secret to Majorly Discounted Shopping

A few days ago, I went to a Gilt event, where Zac Posen had designed a car (apparently, silver is the new cool color for cars). I was standing near him and the pro photographer (Sean Smith) asked if he could take a photo of us together. I said “No way”, of course — JK! Anyhow, Zac and I chatted for a few minutes (he seemed very down to earth and approachable) before the orchestrators at Gilt decided to open the proverbial barn doors and let everyone stampede into the sale area.

hilary rowland with zac posen

Now, you’d expect a Gilt sale to be super amazing, right? I’d imagined racks of designer clothing, in perfect shape, at rock-bottom prices. But no, actually. Read more

Proven Ways to Be Happier

Urbanette Magazine staff get here at 10am, so I usually spend the few hours before then catching up on news and thinking of business ideas. Today, I was poking around on The Good New Network’s Facebook Page (which is a day-brightening page to follow because it’s full of happy news) and I came across a link to a fantastic article all about how to be happier, called “Be Happy: 46 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Happiness and One Way to Get More Sex“. Check it out for links to studies that prove the points below.


Here are my favorite “proven methods” from the list. They’re pretty inspiring! Read more

How to Avoid Letting Someone Steal Your Identity

I just got yet another pre-approved credit card letter in the mail, which is super annoying because each time one is mailed out it puts me at risk for identity theft.

What happens is identity theives steal these letters. (This is super common and I don’t know why it’s still legal for credit companies like Equifax, Transunion, etc. to sell our credit information. Oh wait. Greed. Yeah, that’s it.)

The identity thieves then reply and accept the offer (with a change of address) and then rack up tons of debt on cards in your name, tied to your credit union file. It takes an average of a year to get your credit fixed, if ever. Yeah, a year!

Here’s how you can avoid it: Read more

How to Have a Happy Marriage: 4 Quick Tips

Yes, I’m married. No, we won’t be getting divorced (ever).

I think it’s very important to really make an effort in marriage, and not take things for granted. Here are a few quick tips that I think are extremely important:
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