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Best story ever?

I was out for dinner last Friday night at the Waverly Inn with my husband and another friend. It was a great scene, a who’s who of the fashion & media elite. Rumors have swirled that the Waverly had lost it’s cache, but it certainly seemed to be it’s normal celebrity-heavy self that night. We walked through the maze of closely aligned tables, nearly butt bumping everyone along the way. Which is saying something, because I’ve got a pretty small tooshie, LOL.


It felt so nice being there. The fire was lit, the room felt warm, and the ivy on the brick walls added a lovely feeling of being outdoors. As always, the food and wine were amazing, and the young modelesque boy who served us was very charming. The night had been amazing up until that point, but the best part of the night was yet to come. I can’t recall what we were talking about, but my husband began telling two inspiring stories that had me and our friend teary by the end.

The first was a story about a young boy who lives in an isolated village somewhere in the middle east. One day, a rider came through town. After taking a liking to the boy, he decided to give him his horse. Everyone in the village was elated for the boy, proclaiming how wonderful the gift was. However, the wise man of the village simply muttered, “we’ll see.” Later that day the boy was riding the horse, and accidentally fell off, breaking his leg. Everyone in the village was shaken, worried that he might get sick from his wound. However, the wise man of the village simply muttered, “we’ll see.” A few weeks later, a war broke out, and all the young men were enlisted to fight. Seeing as the young boy’s leg was still broken, he was relieved from the battle. Everyone in the village was envious of his good fortune. However, the wise man…. well, you get the point. Which is to say, you never quite know if something is good or bad. Sometimes, events that initially seem horrible can turn out to be your good fortune. I think we can all relate to that one.


The other story he told was of a woman who came to visit her father, complaining about how little room her family of eight had. Their home was a one room mud shack, with a litter of animals in the adjacent farm. The father asked her if she trusted him. “Of course, she said.” He father then instructed her to bring one of the goats into the home for one week. “Are you crazy!,” she gasped. “I just got done telling you how little room we have, and you want me to bring a goat inside?” Eventually she relented, and went home. A week later, she was even more unhappy. Much to her surprise, he instructed her to bring a pig inside as well. “You can’t be serious, how are supposed to make that work?” Undeterred, he asked that she trust him and do as he advised. Fed up and tired, she agreed. They went on like this for weeks. Eventually, the father asked her to start taking one of the animals out each week. By the end, she was back to where she had started. “We have so much room now,” she said cheerfully. The father just smiled.

We don’t realize how much we have, until we have less of it. Cherish your friends, your health, your freedom, and everything else that matters in life. You’re much richer than you think!

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