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When do muscles stop being sexy?


I was coming down 2nd avenue today and walked past a guy who was totally “jacked.” At first I thought it was fake, as though he was wearing a muscle suit or something. Once I could see it was real, I was too blown away not to take a picture. Good thing he didn’t turn around, I probably would have burst into a fit of nervous laughter, right before bolting. But it got me thinking…when do muscles stop being sexy?

Sure, we all want to be in shape, have a well defined body, and feel hot whether we’re in sweatpants or a Herve Leger dress. But too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Working out can become an addiction like anything else. We all have friends that spend a little too much time at the gym. It becomes their “thing.” I guess its better to become addicted to the gym, as opposed to drugs, alcohol, food, or sex. Strive to find more balance in your routine. Work out, eat well, but also have lazy days watching movies and eating dessert!

 As a girl, we want to be with someone strong, but we don’t need the terminator! So guys, make sure you’re hitting the gym, doing yoga, hiking mountains, or whatever it is you enjoy when sexifying yourself. But make sure you don’t hit the gym too hard. YOU might end up looking like this guy…

arnold 2

Thinking more Brad Pitt, less Arnold Schwarzenegger

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