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A Princess and a Party

New York is a magical place. There are very few cities where you can have such diverse, random and wonderful experiences. Thursday night was a perfect example.

Hilary Rowland

We started out the night at Cinderella on Broadway. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after all, I’ve never been a big fan of Disney. Even when I was a child I thought that the concept of being ‘saved’ by marrying a wealthy man was a dangerous message to send out to young girls. So I was happy to see that the modern Cinderella has several twists I didn’t remember… one of which is that the new Cinderella is an activist for the poor who teaches the Price a thing or two about his Kingdom and changes his entire outlook on life. In this version, the Prince falls in love with her kindness, not just her beauty. I can think of a few men who should see this show and take notes!

Hilary Rowland

The sets and costumes mesmerized, as Cinderella changed dresses and hairstyles on stage four times, all in an instant, like magic. The little girls in front of me certainly thought it was magic. It’s unclear whether their mother, Jennifer Garner, did though. I suspect she was distracted by the woman in front of her who kept turning around to talk with her throughout the show. Or by the group of women who gathered around her aisle at intermission and during applause. Lame!

After the show we walked home, cutting through Central Park. As we approached the boat house, in the darkness, we heard music streaming through the trees. We could see there was a private party going on. Assuming the hosts (German Consulate) wouldn’t mind, we walked in….

Hilary Rowland

Nobody seemed to mind, so we went to the bar, got a glass of scotch, and headed to the dessert table for our spoils. The brass band was playing an eclectic mix of jazz and Motown, to which about 100 people were sloppily dancing. We were happy to join them for about twenty minutes, before taking our turn on the step-and-repeat, then heading back into the darkness of the Park.

As we exited the Park and walked along 76th St, I noticed what looked like Radioman hurrying towards someone standing alone at the entrance to The Carlyle. As we got closer, under a pool of light from The Carlyle’s awning, Radioman was talking to George Clooney. As we walked past he looked our way and nodded.

Just another New York night…

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