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A New & Fun Holiday Tradition

So… Mike and I were in the shower this morning, talking about our charitable gift giving tradition, and I admitted that, even though I love it, part of me still feels like we should have some sort of gift for Christmas.

Soooo here’s what we came up with: each Christmas Eve, we’ll go on a little treasure hunt, wearing Santa hats, of course (this year we couldn’t find any last minute, so that part we’ll start next year). We’ll finish at about 4pm, in time for afternoon tea at a fancy hotel (this is the best deal ever – for $7 or $8 a pot, you can sit and hang out for hours, but make sure to arrive between 3pm and 4:30pm). We’ll set a spending limit (an amount that allows us to buy something nice, but not crazy) and only allow one item each. We’ll walk around Madison Ave and see what we can get for that amount.

In front of Barneys, on our treasure hunt :-)

In front of Barneys, on our treasure hunt :-)

A great bonus: this’ll take all the pressure out of having to find something the other person will like, since we’re picking our own gift.

I’m definitely going to hold off on choosing my gift for as long as I can today, since I only get to pick one item… I’m naturally a comparison shopper (when I’m shopping online –which is always– I check every option to get the best value, then decide). I bet Mike will pick something fairly quickly though, since he’s a very decisive and quick shopper.

Mocking the mannequins, at Ralph Lauren

Mocking the mannequins, at Ralph Lauren

At the end of each year, I put together a yearly photo album of our pictures from our trips and life that year using MyPublisher, and this new tradition will be the last page…

Update: We trekked all over uptown and I ended up getting some glam (faux, of course, because you never can tell which are blood diamonds) earrings, and Mike got gloves that allow him to still use his cell phone. After shopping, we went to The Carlyle for tea.

Our gifts, and tea at The Carlyle Hotel

Our gifts, and tea at The Carlyle Hotel

On the way home we stopped and got some organic red wine and Newman’s Own organic popcorn. Now we’re at home and Mike is cooking dinner. It smells amazing! Then we’re going to watch Harold and Kumar’s Christmas in 3d, and Scrooged (the 1988 Bill Murray movie – Mike swears it’s great).

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Merry Christmas! Love, Hilary xox

What fun Christmas traditions do you do?

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